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The Silent Symphony


Coloured Pencil and White Pen on Black Cartridge Paper


14 × 14 inches each

This piece sheds light on the tragic transformation of bee habitats.

Part 1 explores the breathtakingly organized manner in which bees work together to create their honeycombs. These honeycombs display precise geometry in the symmetrical alignment of each hexagon shape, and it is fascinating to see such precision within a natural process. Here, I have created a macro-study of a bee’s environment, incorporating key elements of its ecosystem. Machine gears incorporated in the honeycomb pattern symbolize their machine-like work patterns.

Part 2 depicts the growing endangerment of bees due to electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phone towers. These waves disrupt the navigation instincts that bees follow, and thus disturb their feeding and working patterns. This distorted transformation of Part 1 depicts this chaotic change in the bee ecosystem. The circular layers form concentric waveforms to symbolize destructive radiation patterns.

Part 1_ The Silent Symphony; Part 2_ Killer Radiation _edited_edited.jpg
The Silent Bee Symphony.jpg
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