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Death Spiral


Acrylic Paint, Plastic Mask, Aluminum Wire, String


9 × 9 × 42 inches

What happens after death? 
Is there an afterlife that our soul moves forward to, or are we reborn into a new life and physical form after each death? Is there another ‘true’ life that only begins after death, or is life after death purely a concept created to let those who fear death feel at ease? Do we really only end up as just cold silenced bodies, like a light turned off for eternity?
In this piece, I have depicted a human face disintegrating into pieces as it gets suctioned into a spiralling wire tunnel symbolic of a black hole. It conveys the idea that when we die we are pulled into the dark abyss of the unknown, because the objective answer to ‘what happens after death' will always remain unknown to us. As a mystery that we have no control over, we inevitably, eventually, submit ourselves to the unknown.

Death Spiral.jpg
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