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AttentivU :

MIT Media Lab Internship

A consumer bio-tech wearable in the form of glasses that measures and responds to cognitive processes in real-time. Working within the Fluid Interfaces Group.


Human Computer Interface


User Experience Design

Product Engineering 

Iterative Product Development

CAD Modeling

Rapid Prototyping


Internship, Team


Oct 2022 - Present

AttentivU is a pair of smart glasses equipped with EEG and EOG sensors to sense brain activity and eye movements. With this data, it can measure and respond to different cognitive processes in real-time (eg. focus, cognitive load, fatigue, and engagement). Haptic or audio feedback help the user refocus their attention to a task at hand.

This project is led by research scientist Nataliya Kosmyna in the Fluid Interfaces group.

My contributions to this project have primarily focused on the form factor of this technology. Alongside an interdisciplinary team of designers and engineers, I work on CAD modeling, prototyping, and testing product iterations that bridge design, human factor, and engineering considerations to achieve a compact, more ergonomic, and lighter frame design.

My latest experiments explore how the same frame could be made customizable.

This project is under an NDA. To learn more, please contact me at


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