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6:21 pm Karjat Fast


Wooden Mannequins, Copper Wire, Textured G.I. Plate, Benzene Transfer Print


7.5 × 15.5 × 7.5 inches

Mumbai is all about the hustle. Hundreds of thousands of commuters crowd the Mumbai local trains to get to work every day. In the race to make a living, the workforce of Mumbai has become robotic, going for the same workday grind day in and day out. As they blend into the crowd to be reduced to just a cog in the machine running the city, they lose their individual identities. Titled after one of Mumbai's most crowded train routes, this piece, set in a train compartment, depicts this. Each person is represented with the same monotonous mannequin. The burdens of their occupation, made with wire, are the only thing differentiating one from another. 

6.21 pm Karjat Fast.jpg
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